Hello all! As promised, we’re going to talk about some of the rising trends for 2013. And for reference, if you want to take a look at others, I found the top five from The Knot.

First off, how many of you watch Downton Abbey? I do! Well, I haven’t seen the most recent season, but I’ve seen some of it on Netflix. That show (and of course the beautiful Kate Middleton’s popularity) are going to be influencing weddings and events this year. “English Romance,” as The Knot calls it, is bringing charm and elegance to receptions. What do I mean by English Romance? Let me just show you…

English Romance

How about this stunning Jenny Packham gown??

JP Gown

And I love love love this illusion neckline from BHDLN

Illusion Neckline

How about this stunning cloche veil? It just oozes innocence and class.

Cloche Veil

And the braided headbands are still going to be popular this year. Like this one from Brides

braided headband

So how about decor? Low arrangements, decorative chargers, and tons of gold are sure to be huge.

Like this charger from The Knot


And these chargers and low florals from OneWed


And gold candelabras like this one from The KnotcandelabraAnd this one from Momentville


Here’s a bouquet with some stunning English roses. I know a little cliche, but it’s applicable!

English Rose Bouquet

And I adore this combination of candlesticks, candles, and low florals from Marcy Blum

low centerpiece

Stunning, right?! I love the warmth of the golds and pinks. Plus, it’s perfect for outdoor or indoor, so it’s a year-round trend! You can’t go wrong! Well, I guess you can if you were trying to get the English romance feel but you use really modern decorations… But still, it wouldn’t be wrong, just different!

Much love,


I resolve…

I’m not a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions… My thought is that you should be striving to live your best all year. Not just the first week of January… I get the fact that January 1st signifies the beginning of a new year. But in reality, life doesn’t start over. It doesn’t change all of a sudden. It just continues. If you want your life to be any different, you have to be in a constant state of growth. You have to evaluate where you are, where you want to be, and how you plan to get there. Why be Negative Nancy all the time? No one wants to hear how badly your 2012 sucked or how 2013 is an unlucky year. Make the most of it! Live spontaneously!

But if you are a fan of New Year’s resolutions, here are a few witty ones from happywink.org 🙂

1. I will do less laundry and use more deodorant.

2. I resolve to work with neglected children — my own.

3. I will avoid taking a bath whenever possible and conserve more water.

4. I will not bore my boss by with the same excuse for taking leaves. I will think of some more excuses.

5. I will no longer waste my time relieving the past, instead I will spend it worrying about the future.

And some more from Hubpages

1. Stop drinking orange juice after I just brushed my teeth.

2. Go back to school to avoid paying my student loans.

3. Claim all my pets as dependents on my taxes.

4. Spend less than $1825 for coffee at Starbucks this year.

5. Watch more cute and cuddly kitten videos on YouTube.

Speaking of cute and cuddly kitten videos, here’s my favorite 🙂

And a few photos just for fun…



new years ecard

In the next post, I’ll share some of the rising trends of 2013. So stay tuned!! Until then…

Much love,


Happy New Year!

I hope you live life to the fullest in 2013. Fill this upcoming year with generosity and kindness. Never let a debt go unpaid. Pay it forward (or be the one to begin the act of kindness, like paying for the meal of the person behind you). Encourage one another. Keep hostile words and actions to a minimum. Spread love. Believe. Be optimistic. Be helpful. Don’t be prideful. Admit you’re wrong when you are. Win battles gracefully, not rudely. Be willing to help. Be conscious of how your actions and words affect those around you.

But most of all, don’t take those around you for granted. Tell them you love them every chance you get. Listen and be silent when they need an ear to hear. Give kind and thoughtful advice when requested, but don’t ambush. Encourage them to shoot for the stars, and believe that they can do anything they set their minds to.

Here are some highlights from 2012… Not comprehensive and not necessarily in order… Enjoy!


Whitney Houston



Libya attack

Batman shooting

CT shooting

Much love,


It’s the end of the world…

As we know it! But just in case you feel fine like I do, here’s a little flashback…

Everyone’s over the whole apocalypse thing, so let’s just move on, shall we?

Let’s talk winter weddings again. It’s finally starting to feel like Christmas here (temp is 40 but it feels like a frigid 33 degrees with some nasty wind!), and I’ve seen so many pictures of absolutely adorable winter weddings! I think my favorite is red and gold or a deep plum and gold… But blue and silver is a classic! There are just so many things you can do! You can have mini evergreens lining the aisle instead of the traditional aisle decor of floral poms or lanterns. Or they could even be centerpieces, like the ones in the picture below! (And you know I love those Chiavari chairs!)

Christmas Tree Centerpiece

Or you could have candles with cinnamon sticks or candy canes around them…


candy cane candles

Or both! Why not have smaller candles with cinnamon or candy canes surrounding the mini Christmas trees?? (Can’t find a picture of that one… You’ll just have to use your imagination :))

There are just so many options. How about we just let the pictures speak for themselves?



pine cone

Perhaps my favorite is the faux snow made of cotton balls…

cotton snow


Don’t ask me why there are shoes hanging in that second picture… I have no clue.


Holly wreath

And I love the thought of faux Christmas presents on the table. I couldn’t find a picture that really fit what I’m thinking, but here’s one just for a visual…

christmas gift centerpiece




Much love,


‘Tis the Season…

To get engaged! There’s just something about cold weather that’s just so romantic. I guess it has to do with the fact that snuggling is so much better when it’s cold than when it’s 100 degrees outside…I know I’ve had probably 10 friends on Facebook get engaged in the past month! I saw this video today, and thought I’d share. An adorable couple from WKU got engaged on the Hill, now their story is becoming a sensation and they may even get to be on Good Morning America! I don’t know them personally, but you gotta love a good magical proposal!

There are some great engagement shoots in the snow. The white background makes colors and prints ideal for pictures. And you know all that white is going to make your bling sparkle even more!

Engagement Shoot

Winter Engagement 2

And you know I love fur babies!



But not only is it a good time to get engaged, but having a wedding around Christmastime is great for a budget bride! If you want to have a church wedding, many of them have Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, etc decorating their stages and sanctuaries. Here’s a great example…

Christmas Church Wedding Lodges can be ideal for a reception. It oozes warmth and coziness.


Main LodgeWineCellar

And there are great photo ops snowy days…

Winter Wedding

Snow Angels



I’m getting cold just looking at those pictures! But they sure are cute! Until next time…

Much love,


I’m a big kid now!

I hope you sang the the jingle from the diaper commercial, (Huggies Pull-ups maybe? Don’t quote me on that…) because I definitely did! Why am I a big kid now, you ask? Well, I can tell you it’s not because I’m 23, almost 24. Or because I have three part time jobs. Or because I have a dog that is so needy sometimes I feel like I’m the parent to a 2 year old child… No. It’s because I had a wreck last week, and I’m currently searching for a car of my own. Granted, my dad is going to help me for a little while to start out. But for the foreseeable future, I will be owning some sort of small SUV and making payments. Yuck. Some things about growing up really suck. But so goes life!

Today I went car shopping. Again. And this is about how I felt, somewhat calmed by exceptionally tasty peppermint tea.


Please disregard the messy hair. This was around 10 am after I’d already been to a dance team workout and taught a Barre class… 🙂

Back on topic. Thank goodness for the wonderful people at Leachman’s here in BG. They spent over two hours with me, test driving cars, going over payments, and figuring out what we could do with my wrecked Chevy S-10 Extreme. (Yes, that’s right. I drove a pimped-out low rider. Complete with flashy tail lights and a sub woofer.) They were great. I’m so excited to get a new car (well, new to me… not brand new). One that can be my own and not my brother’s hand-me-downs. I am very grateful for said hand-me-downs, but I will finally be able to add my own WKU stickers to the back, have a WKU license plate, maybe an “I love my dog” sticker…

So to finish off my somewhat serious and dull blog, how about some fun pictures to finish it off??! :




Is my camouflage working? Can you see me?


Nah nah na boo boo


And possibly my favorite, most related one…

baby meme

Ok, maybe not so related. But I could definitely use some money trees right about now!! 🙂

Much love,



Hello everyone!! I hope you had an absolutely amazing Thanksgiving and successful Black Friday! I also hope you weren’t one of the people I gave the stank eye to at 3am 🙂 Just kidding!! I tried to be as kind as possible to the people who attempted to cut in front of me! But now on to what you really want to hear about… The Fall Photo Contest!

The first thing you’ll need to do is pick out your favorite photo of yourself, your dog, your kids, your family… You get the point. Then you need to email it to info@joshuamccoy.com

Once we get your photo, we will put it in a new photo album on Facebook. Then, you need to share Joshua McCoy Photography with your friends, ask them to like the page, and then ask them to like your picture!

The rules are simple. The person with the most votes (likes) wins a FREE photo book filled with pictures of your choice! That’s a $300 value! But that’s not the only person that will reap the benefits of taking the time to send in a picture and then get friends to like the page and the picture… The person with the second most votes (likes) will also receive a prize! He/She will receive a FREE 16″x20″ gallery wrapped canvas, a $200 value! Not too shabby, huh?! You can see examples of photo books on our Facebook page and canvases at the bottom of this post.

*DISCLAIMER!!! This is NOT, I repeat NOT, necessarily the same gallery wrapped canvas you will receive if you win. The winner will get that information after the contest concludes.

We will be accepting photos until NEXT FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7 at 8:00 pm CST. After that, voting will be allowed to continue until Friday, December 14 at 8:00 pm CST. Photos will be uploaded to Facebook as we receive them, so the earlier you send your photo, the longer it will be available to accumulate votes! You do not have to send professional photos or head shots. Whatever you think will receive the most votes is acceptable and encouraged! Good luck!

Much love,


Coming soon!

I hope you’re ready!! Coming soon, we are going to have an updated website, complete with a list of our preferred vendors (and I’ll just go ahead and tell you, the first one is pretty amazing! So are the others, but I’m a little partial to the first 🙂 ). We’re going to do a spotlight right here on the blog of each and every one of these vendors, so you’re going to get TONS of info for your big day over the next few weeks! We’re also planning a contest, and all of that information will be at your disposal next week. So make sure you check back for how you can win some free stuff! We’re changing things up around here, and you don’t want to miss any of the fun! Tons of new ideas lurking around in our heads, and you don’t want to be left behind because we’re doing it all to benefit you- the customer, the client, the frien


And now to leave you with some pictures. Completely irrelevant to the post, but all to make you smile 🙂

And of course you have to include the fur babies…

Much love,


A little creativity with our thankfulness…

Well, here we are on day 5 of giving thanks. If your friends on Facebook or Twitter are anything like mine, I’m sure you’ve heard just about the same thing every day. God/grace/church. Family. Significant other. Friends. Job. Etc. I get it. You’re thankful for the things that hold the most significance in your life. There’s nothing wrong with that. But why not be a little unusual? Why not step out of the box a little bit? Give those people a shout out in one day, then move on to the funner topics (and yes I know funner is not a word, but it applies right now!). I challenge you to give a little thanks for the mediocre things in life. For the under-appreciated items that were created to provide you ease and sustainability, or even just comfort.

For instance, I am thankful for nail polish, without which you would see uneven nail lengths and not-so-white nail tips. My current shade is OPI Schnapps Out Of It!

I’m also thankful for gloves, mittens in particular, which keep freezing fingers a little toastier. Especially when you put Hot Hands inside them!

I’m thankful for concealer, which covers my terrible, no good, very bad bags under my eyes.

What are some things that you’re thankful for? Beyond the obvious… Push yourself a little this afternoon and come up with a few things that you’re thankful for that get very little credit 🙂

Much love,


My newest fall/winter accessory obsession…

Hats. I love hats. All kinds of hats. Fedoras. Newsboys. Slouchy. Fur-trimmed. Leather. OK, maybe not leather, but you get the point. Last night I attended the WKU football game, which didn’t start until 8:15. You know that’s going to be a cold one! So I packed a hat! First time I’ve gotten one out this season, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks to Target, I got a brand new hat complete with fabric flowers for the season. Only $16!

Not the greatest picture, but I just had to show off that cute little thing!

Now, unless you’re going to an English wedding where you’ll need a fascinator, you won’t see many hats at weddings. At least not dressy weddings. Maybe you will at more casual weddings. But  you may see a bride with a birdcage veil or blusher attached to a pillbox hat like these from One Wed.

Aren’t those just adorable? Thank you Jackie O for making them so popular! Everything old always come back into style, doesn’t it? Case in point, the crop tops that have slowly made their resurgence to civilization. Personally, I wish they would just stay in the ’90s. But I digress.


Back to the point… Maybe you don’t want to wear a hat on your wedding day. I mean, really, it can leave some pretty awful creases in your hair if you decide to take it off. And who wants to deal with that on their wedding day?? Not me, that’s for sure. But if you’re slightly obsessed with hats like I am, there may be a solution. Engagement pictures! So much more laid back and relaxed! And if you’re very traditional with the wedding, it can be a trendy outlet for your inner hipster.

Here’s one on the fella from Wedding Gawker.

And a sun hat from Style Me Pretty.

Or this fun winter shoot from Wedding Bee.

How fun is that?? I love it! But this one tops the cake in my book. So stinkin’ cute. From the Wedding Chicks.

I love them all! And I need to got myself some more hats!

Much love,