Meet Laura!

Hello all!

I’m so excited to introduce myself as the newest member of the team at Joshua McCoy Photography! I have known Josh for almost three years, during which time we have worked several weddings together with me on the designing side and him on the photography side. I love everything about weddings – the stress of setting up decorations for the reception, or helping a bride get ready before the ceremony, and even running to get bug spray for a bridal party! But most of all I love seeing a bride and groom enjoying their time and being able to have fun instead of worrying about flowers or a missing DJ or lights that just won’t work!

I am also the doting mother of a 6.5 month old Blue Heeler mutt. He’s hyper, snuggly, and a total goof, and I wouldn’t change a single thing about him! Meet Oliver!


I am also the Head Coach of the Western Kentucky University Topperettes. While attending WKU, I was a member of the team for 4 years. I gained some of the best friends a girl could ask for while dancing for the Hilltoppers, and now I have the opportunity to coach a great group of girls. Not to mention I get to go to all the home games and some away games! And who doesn’t love Big Red?! He’s definitely the best mascot EVER!


You’ll have to excuse the quality of these photos… They definitely weren’t taken by Mr. Joshua McCoy! Special thanks to my handy dandy iPhone! 🙂

I hope you enjoy the upcoming blogs! I could talk for DAYS about weddings! At least a wedding blog is a valid excuse to talk about them, right?

Much love,



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