It’s fall, y’all!

Oh, how I love fall!! My favorite season is quickly becoming the most popular season for weddings, and I couldn’t be any happier! From the natural burnt oranges and glowing reds to mild afternoons and crisp evenings, fall is the perfect season in my book. As I probably say far too often, there’s no better weather than sweater weather! Just the thought of curling up next to a fire with a blanket, a cardigan, and cup of hot tea relaxes me. And the prospect of hayrides, bonfires, and hot apple cider makes my skin tingle with excitement! So what’s my favorite part of fall weddings? Do I have to pick just one?! Oh goodness, how about my top 3…

  1. Colors – Not only can your bouquet and centerpieces be filled with the deep plums and russet oranges, but the scenery is oozing with vibrant hues as well. October in Kentucky is a truly stunning sight to see. Just take a drive down the interstate and soak in all the reds, oranges, and yellows in the trees. It’s sure to improve your mood if you’re having a bad day.
  2. Outdoor weddings – Personally, I love taking advantage of nature when it’s sitting there just asking to be utilized! Some people want nothing more than having their wedding in a beautiful cathedral with stained glass windows and pews. But I just love being able to sit outside and be covered in sunlight without being covered in sweat.
  3. Early evenings – I don’t know about you, but when I picture my grand exit from my wedding, I always picture it at night with sparkers and fireworks. (OK, maybe fireworks are a little grand, but it’s my dream isn’t it?!) In the spring and summer, dusk doesn’t make an appearance until 7 or sometimes 8:00. I know some people like to dance the night away, and more power to ya! But many brides and grooms are so wiped out by then it takes everything they have to un-numb those cheeks and put those heels back on to make their exit for the evening. In the fall, sunset comes much earlier. So if you’ve always pictured a night get-away like I have, you don’t have to wait until 9 or 10:00 to make your escape unless you just want to! Not to mention the fact that out-of-town guests and get home before midnight.

And now for the fun part… Pictures! Here’s a lovely photo from The Knot of beautiful fall reception decor.

Or how about this awesome, unconventional cake?!

Much love,



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