Hey there, punkin’

One of my favorite fall accessories (and exceptionally resourceful wedding decorations!) is the pumpkin. There’s so much you can do with that cute little fruit! And trust me, it’s a fruit. I checked 🙂

Especially if you’re the DIY bride, opportunities are endless. Now, I wouldn’t say carving a scary Jack-o-lantern is going to be the best option, unless you’re doing a Tim Burton themed wedding… But there are countless carvings that you can do, even if you don’t want to deal with the mess of carving out the center. Take this prime example from the Paper Glue Etc. blog. Beautifully placed on a silver platter and paired with a white pumpkin. Don’t you just love that the wallpaper in the background matches the pumpkin??

Personally, I love the thought of carving the outside of the pumpkin as opposed to the inside. The gooey, stringy mess kind of grosses me out… However, there are a lot of cute ways to use, and utilize, the pumpkin. For instance, with a candle or LED light, carved pumpkins are great for aisle runners at dusk weddings or small pumpkins can be raised on candlesticks to add light to buffet or cake tables. And if you have any good cooks in your family or friends, take all that ooey gooey mess and make it into pumpkin flavored favors or desserts! Mini pumpkin breads, pumpkin pie, baked pumpkin seeds… And then you can have monogrammed centerpieces like this from Etsy!

Or a combination of the two could be the most perfect wedding decor by the entrance to the reception or a memorial for family members that have passed.

Until next time! Much love,



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