Doggy Days and Wedding Soirees

Don’t mind the rhyme. As you know, I coach WKU’s dance team and this morning they had a scavenger hunt run around campus. Ever since last night while I was finishing their clues, I have been thinking in rhyme and riddle…

Today I took my sweet pup to the dog park. Thank God for a huge, fenced in field and other dogs for him to run with and wrestle! He had lots of friends today, and I bonded with some of their owners over tennis balls and slobber. You gotta love being a mom! Even if it’s not biological šŸ™‚

I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t particularly care to just sit and wait for something. In my case today, for my team to return from their run or my dog to get bored with his surroundings. My favorite way to pass time is Pinterest. I could look at that site all day! Really, there are only two pages I look at… The fitness page to get ideas for the classes I teach at Barre Company (barre like a ballet barre, not a drinking bar), and the wedding page of course. Here are some of my favorites from today…

Hot chocolate from Wedding Day Pin BlogĀ complete with condiments and moose sculpture. Maybe that’s a reindeer. Not too sure about that one. But I do know that I sure do love hot chocolate! Especially when it’s paired with that song! (And if you want my opinion, the best version of that song is definitely by Al Hirt and Ann Margret. Here’s a link to their version. Take a listen if you’d like!)

How about this amazing detail shot from Tang Vision?!Ā For all the other pyromaniacs out there, this is perfect! Especially if you can get the ring to sparkle in the light of the fire! But good luck trying to read this website. It’s all in Asian characters…

And these awesome lanterns lining the aisle filled with flowers from the Wedding Chicks. Trust me, you’re going to want to take a look at this wedding. Especially if you love shoes like I do. The bride has an awesome pair of blue peep-toe stilettos with a peacock feather at the ankle. Beautiful!

There are so many more I could put up, but if you’d like to see some of our pins, check out our Pinterest page! Still working on it so it’s not completely full yet, but there are some goodies on there!

Much love,



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