Some recent DIY obsessions…

Another thing I got to do while I was home this weekend was continue working on a mural in my nieces’ room. My sister has six beautiful, spunky, unique little children! Six boys and six girls. I know, she’s WonderMom! I need to buy her a cape! A few years ago, I helped my sister create a mural in her kids’ rooms. However, they recently moved. So they had to leave the sweet paintings behind where they will be covered up by decorations for another child’s room. Unless of course they have the same names, but that’s pretty unlikely… In the past 2 weeks or so, I’ve gone home three times. The first time I got to draw out the images. The second time I got started on the girls’ room; then, this weekend I got almost all of it done. My sister has been in the process of painting the boys’ room, but with six kids I’m sure you can imagine how difficult that is!

In the girls room, we have a tree painted in the corner. From far away you can’t tell, but I didn’t paint multiple coats because we liked the way the brush strokes looked on the “wood.” There will be birds painted, and another owl. The three girls’ names are written on branches (Ryleigh Kate’s name will be on the branch above Ellie-Grace.). The names definitely need a second coat, but sadly I had run out of time 😦

Here is a progression of the work I was able to get done.

As you can see, my youngest niece decided she wanted to paint too. The extraordinary thing is that I left the paint brush and extra paint ON TOP of her dresser! It was at least 4′ tall! And she’s only 2! That little Ellie-Grace is a handful!

And here is a detail shot of one of the names. I think it’s going to turn out pretty cute!

I don’t have pictures of the boys’ room yet, so I guess I’ll just have to save that for another day!

But that brings me to the real topic at hand… How do you incorporate something like this in a wedding?! Easy! There are so many ways you, or an artsy friend/relative, can add one-of-a-kindtouches to your wedding day. One of my favorites is the hand-written aisle runner, as seen here from Style Me Pretty. This one even doubles as a ceremony backdrop!

Or how about this aisle runner from Bridal Musings that’s written in Afrikaans?! So interesting!

Another favorite of mine is hand painted signs. Here is a quaint, witty example from The Knot. So cheap and so easy!

There are so many things you can do with art at your wedding. You can paint table numbers for part of your centerpieces, or a backdrop for a photo booth, or even paint arrows in the grass directing guests to the ceremony or reception site! But I’d suggest only doing that if the venue allows it! 🙂

Much love,



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