Coming soon!

I hope you’re ready!! Coming soon, we are going to have an updated website, complete with a list of our preferred vendors (and I’ll just go ahead and tell you, the first one is pretty amazing! So are the others, but I’m a little partial to the first 🙂 ). We’re going to do a spotlight right here on the blog of each and every one of these vendors, so you’re going to get TONS of info for your big day over the next few weeks! We’re also planning a contest, and all of that information will be at your disposal next week. So make sure you check back for how you can win some free stuff! We’re changing things up around here, and you don’t want to miss any of the fun! Tons of new ideas lurking around in our heads, and you don’t want to be left behind because we’re doing it all to benefit you- the customer, the client, the frien


And now to leave you with some pictures. Completely irrelevant to the post, but all to make you smile 🙂

And of course you have to include the fur babies…

Much love,


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