Hello everyone!! I hope you had an absolutely amazing Thanksgiving and successful Black Friday! I also hope you weren’t one of the people I gave the stank eye to at 3am 🙂 Just kidding!! I tried to be as kind as possible to the people who attempted to cut in front of me! But now on to what you really want to hear about… The Fall Photo Contest!

The first thing you’ll need to do is pick out your favorite photo of yourself, your dog, your kids, your family… You get the point. Then you need to email it to info@joshuamccoy.com

Once we get your photo, we will put it in a new photo album on Facebook. Then, you need to share Joshua McCoy Photography with your friends, ask them to like the page, and then ask them to like your picture!

The rules are simple. The person with the most votes (likes) wins a FREE photo book filled with pictures of your choice! That’s a $300 value! But that’s not the only person that will reap the benefits of taking the time to send in a picture and then get friends to like the page and the picture… The person with the second most votes (likes) will also receive a prize! He/She will receive a FREE 16″x20″ gallery wrapped canvas, a $200 value! Not too shabby, huh?! You can see examples of photo books on our Facebook page and canvases at the bottom of this post.

*DISCLAIMER!!! This is NOT, I repeat NOT, necessarily the same gallery wrapped canvas you will receive if you win. The winner will get that information after the contest concludes.

We will be accepting photos until NEXT FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7 at 8:00 pm CST. After that, voting will be allowed to continue until Friday, December 14 at 8:00 pm CST. Photos will be uploaded to Facebook as we receive them, so the earlier you send your photo, the longer it will be available to accumulate votes! You do not have to send professional photos or head shots. Whatever you think will receive the most votes is acceptable and encouraged! Good luck!

Much love,


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