‘Tis the Season…

To get engaged! There’s just something about cold weather that’s just so romantic. I guess it has to do with the fact that snuggling is so much better when it’s cold than when it’s 100 degrees outside…I know I’ve had probably 10 friends on Facebook get engaged in the past month! I saw this video today, and thought I’d share. An adorable couple from WKU got engaged on the Hill, now their story is becoming a sensation and they may even get to be on Good Morning America! I don’t know them personally, but you gotta love a good magical proposal!

There are some great engagement shoots in the snow. The white background makes colors and prints ideal for pictures. And you know all that white is going to make your bling sparkle even more!

Engagement Shoot

Winter Engagement 2

And you know I love fur babies!



But not only is it a good time to get engaged, but having a wedding around Christmastime is great for a budget bride! If you want to have a church wedding, many of them have Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, etc decorating their stages and sanctuaries. Here’s a great example…

Christmas Church Wedding Lodges can be ideal for a reception. It oozes warmth and coziness.


Main LodgeWineCellar

And there are great photo ops snowy days…

Winter Wedding

Snow Angels



I’m getting cold just looking at those pictures! But they sure are cute! Until next time…

Much love,


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