It’s the end of the world…

As we know it! But just in case you feel fine like I do, here’s a little flashback…

Everyone’s over the whole apocalypse thing, so let’s just move on, shall we?

Let’s talk winter weddings again. It’s finally starting to feel like Christmas here (temp is 40 but it feels like a frigid 33 degrees with some nasty wind!), and I’ve seen so many pictures of absolutely adorable winter weddings! I think my favorite is red and gold or a deep plum and gold… But blue and silver is a classic! There are just so many things you can do! You can have mini evergreens lining the aisle instead of the traditional aisle decor of floral poms or lanterns. Or they could even be centerpieces, like the ones in the picture below! (And you know I love those Chiavari chairs!)

Christmas Tree Centerpiece

Or you could have candles with cinnamon sticks or candy canes around them…


candy cane candles

Or both! Why not have smaller candles with cinnamon or candy canes surrounding the mini Christmas trees?? (Can’t find a picture of that one… You’ll just have to use your imagination :))

There are just so many options. How about we just let the pictures speak for themselves?



pine cone

Perhaps my favorite is the faux snow made of cotton balls…

cotton snow


Don’t ask me why there are shoes hanging in that second picture… I have no clue.


Holly wreath

And I love the thought of faux Christmas presents on the table. I couldn’t find a picture that really fit what I’m thinking, but here’s one just for a visual…

christmas gift centerpiece




Much love,


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