To all my ghouls and goblins out there…

What are your Halloween plans for this year?? Got anything good planned for the chilly holiday tomorrow? Sadly, I don’t have anything tomorrow, but this past weekend I participated in my church’s Trunk or Treating. And let me just say, I had a BLAST! A group of young women and I were the 7 dwarfs from Snow White, complete with beards and fluffy bellies. But what made it even more special in my book was the Snow White cutout that we had for kids/parents/friends to take their picture with! Here’s a picture of what I’m talking about, taken at 3am in my dimly lit living room… Drawn by yours truly and painting assisted by several of my friends 🙂

And here is a picture of our sweet Snow accompanied by Sleepy…

On a side note… Wouldn’t this be a great addition to a photo booth?? If you have any good artists in your family, you could have several different characters either drawn onto the backdrop or with added handles to hold the cardboard.Then just take an Exacto knife and cut out the face so you can stick your own beautiful face in that of the character!

Just for your viewing pleasure, I’ll add the picture of all 7 dwarfs with our trunk (decorations were set up in the back of a car). In order, we have Happy, Sleepy, Grumpy, Dopey, Bashful (ME!!) Sneezy, and Doc! Just in case you couldn’t tell 🙂

Let us know what you’re doing for Halloween! And if you have any fun decorations from the festivities feel free to share them by posting to our Facebook page at Joshua McCoy Photography or retweeting a reply to this post on Twitter @Josh_McCoyPhoto

Much love,



Ranunculus! It’s one of my all time favorite flowers. Those, along with peonies and hydrangeas… And put them all together and they’re the most stunning combination ever!

Here are some pictures of ranunculus, just in case you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about…

A bridal bouquet from Belli Fiori

Another from Cori Cook

Or centerpieces from Must Love Weddings

Here’s a combination of all three of my faves from Vermont Country Flowers

And another from The Knot that’s also matched with roses

So many things you can do with that sweet little flower! Be sure to check out our Pin Board entitled “Belle Fleur” for other floral beauties! You can search on Pinterest for “Joshua McCoy,” then follow any and all of our boards for all the hottest trends!

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Some recent DIY obsessions…

Another thing I got to do while I was home this weekend was continue working on a mural in my nieces’ room. My sister has six beautiful, spunky, unique little children! Six boys and six girls. I know, she’s WonderMom! I need to buy her a cape! A few years ago, I helped my sister create a mural in her kids’ rooms. However, they recently moved. So they had to leave the sweet paintings behind where they will be covered up by decorations for another child’s room. Unless of course they have the same names, but that’s pretty unlikely… In the past 2 weeks or so, I’ve gone home three times. The first time I got to draw out the images. The second time I got started on the girls’ room; then, this weekend I got almost all of it done. My sister has been in the process of painting the boys’ room, but with six kids I’m sure you can imagine how difficult that is!

In the girls room, we have a tree painted in the corner. From far away you can’t tell, but I didn’t paint multiple coats because we liked the way the brush strokes looked on the “wood.” There will be birds painted, and another owl. The three girls’ names are written on branches (Ryleigh Kate’s name will be on the branch above Ellie-Grace.). The names definitely need a second coat, but sadly I had run out of time 😦

Here is a progression of the work I was able to get done.

As you can see, my youngest niece decided she wanted to paint too. The extraordinary thing is that I left the paint brush and extra paint ON TOP of her dresser! It was at least 4′ tall! And she’s only 2! That little Ellie-Grace is a handful!

And here is a detail shot of one of the names. I think it’s going to turn out pretty cute!

I don’t have pictures of the boys’ room yet, so I guess I’ll just have to save that for another day!

But that brings me to the real topic at hand… How do you incorporate something like this in a wedding?! Easy! There are so many ways you, or an artsy friend/relative, can add one-of-a-kindtouches to your wedding day. One of my favorites is the hand-written aisle runner, as seen here from Style Me Pretty. This one even doubles as a ceremony backdrop!

Or how about this aisle runner from Bridal Musings that’s written in Afrikaans?! So interesting!

Another favorite of mine is hand painted signs. Here is a quaint, witty example from The Knot. So cheap and so easy!

There are so many things you can do with art at your wedding. You can paint table numbers for part of your centerpieces, or a backdrop for a photo booth, or even paint arrows in the grass directing guests to the ceremony or reception site! But I’d suggest only doing that if the venue allows it! 🙂

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This Roller Coaster Ride Called Life

This weekend was full of the highs and lows of life for me. I was faced with the frailty and mortality of life when my uncle passed away suddenly Thursday night (which is why I have been absent for the past few days…). Amid the pain of losing such a close family member and making arrangements to be home with my family, I had the joy of spending time with dear friends at a beautiful wedding. Not only was my spirit lifted by being around such wonderful people, but I was accompanied by the love of my life. Meet Jordan! (Sorry this is blurry! My handy dandy little iPhone couldn’t get a quality picture!)

This sweet man had literally been halfway across the world less than 48 hours before the wedding. He was in Bangladesh for a mission trip, making water filters for the villages. But he still mustered up the energy to go to our friend’s wedding! He’s pretty great!

The wedding was held at my church, Crossland Community Church, and the reception was held at the Party 1 Barn off Russelville Road. Bridesmaids wore all different dresses – some in blush, others pink, another in ivory, and the maid of honor in gray. The bride paired her dress with long strands of pearls and multiple bangles complete with some bling! And the groomsmen looked ravishing in gray vests and pants. No jacket required!

While I don’t have pictures of the actual wedding, here are some wonderful examples of the kind of wedding I’ve been describing!

The bride wore more of a ball gown dress, but here is an image from Simply Savannah Events that gives the idea of multiple pearl strands and bangles…

I’m slightly obsessed with these blush bridesmaids gowns from Pretty Brass Tacks

And I just love these groomsmen in khaki suits with no jacket from Style Me Pretty. Perfect for a more casual wedding! Or better yet, a BEACH wedding!

While the reception had vases with real flowers, I adore these painted vases and origami flowers from Lovely Bride.

And I love the bright colors in these low centerpieces from The Sweetest Occasion. Not to mention the chiavari chairs. Lovely!

Last but not least, the wedding favors at the wedding I attended were mason jars wrapped in lace and filled with candy corn and peanuts. And if you haven’t tasted that combination you probably should. It tastes just like a Payday candy bar! While they aren’t exactly like what I received, these pictures show just a few options of DIY wedding favors and decor using mason jars and candy corn!

Don’t these mason jars from The FW look beautiful with the tea light?! They’re simply glowing!

Or how about these cute favors with burlap and twine instead of lace from Etsy?!

Now you have oodles of pictures to peruse, and some pretty awesome websites too! Happy browsing!

Much love,


Doggy Days and Wedding Soirees

Don’t mind the rhyme. As you know, I coach WKU’s dance team and this morning they had a scavenger hunt run around campus. Ever since last night while I was finishing their clues, I have been thinking in rhyme and riddle…

Today I took my sweet pup to the dog park. Thank God for a huge, fenced in field and other dogs for him to run with and wrestle! He had lots of friends today, and I bonded with some of their owners over tennis balls and slobber. You gotta love being a mom! Even if it’s not biological 🙂

I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t particularly care to just sit and wait for something. In my case today, for my team to return from their run or my dog to get bored with his surroundings. My favorite way to pass time is Pinterest. I could look at that site all day! Really, there are only two pages I look at… The fitness page to get ideas for the classes I teach at Barre Company (barre like a ballet barre, not a drinking bar), and the wedding page of course. Here are some of my favorites from today…

Hot chocolate from Wedding Day Pin Blog complete with condiments and moose sculpture. Maybe that’s a reindeer. Not too sure about that one. But I do know that I sure do love hot chocolate! Especially when it’s paired with that song! (And if you want my opinion, the best version of that song is definitely by Al Hirt and Ann Margret. Here’s a link to their version. Take a listen if you’d like!)

How about this amazing detail shot from Tang Vision?! For all the other pyromaniacs out there, this is perfect! Especially if you can get the ring to sparkle in the light of the fire! But good luck trying to read this website. It’s all in Asian characters…

And these awesome lanterns lining the aisle filled with flowers from the Wedding Chicks. Trust me, you’re going to want to take a look at this wedding. Especially if you love shoes like I do. The bride has an awesome pair of blue peep-toe stilettos with a peacock feather at the ankle. Beautiful!

There are so many more I could put up, but if you’d like to see some of our pins, check out our Pinterest page! Still working on it so it’s not completely full yet, but there are some goodies on there!

Much love,


Hey there, punkin’

One of my favorite fall accessories (and exceptionally resourceful wedding decorations!) is the pumpkin. There’s so much you can do with that cute little fruit! And trust me, it’s a fruit. I checked 🙂

Especially if you’re the DIY bride, opportunities are endless. Now, I wouldn’t say carving a scary Jack-o-lantern is going to be the best option, unless you’re doing a Tim Burton themed wedding… But there are countless carvings that you can do, even if you don’t want to deal with the mess of carving out the center. Take this prime example from the Paper Glue Etc. blog. Beautifully placed on a silver platter and paired with a white pumpkin. Don’t you just love that the wallpaper in the background matches the pumpkin??

Personally, I love the thought of carving the outside of the pumpkin as opposed to the inside. The gooey, stringy mess kind of grosses me out… However, there are a lot of cute ways to use, and utilize, the pumpkin. For instance, with a candle or LED light, carved pumpkins are great for aisle runners at dusk weddings or small pumpkins can be raised on candlesticks to add light to buffet or cake tables. And if you have any good cooks in your family or friends, take all that ooey gooey mess and make it into pumpkin flavored favors or desserts! Mini pumpkin breads, pumpkin pie, baked pumpkin seeds… And then you can have monogrammed centerpieces like this from Etsy!

Or a combination of the two could be the most perfect wedding decor by the entrance to the reception or a memorial for family members that have passed.

Until next time! Much love,


It’s fall, y’all!

Oh, how I love fall!! My favorite season is quickly becoming the most popular season for weddings, and I couldn’t be any happier! From the natural burnt oranges and glowing reds to mild afternoons and crisp evenings, fall is the perfect season in my book. As I probably say far too often, there’s no better weather than sweater weather! Just the thought of curling up next to a fire with a blanket, a cardigan, and cup of hot tea relaxes me. And the prospect of hayrides, bonfires, and hot apple cider makes my skin tingle with excitement! So what’s my favorite part of fall weddings? Do I have to pick just one?! Oh goodness, how about my top 3…

  1. Colors – Not only can your bouquet and centerpieces be filled with the deep plums and russet oranges, but the scenery is oozing with vibrant hues as well. October in Kentucky is a truly stunning sight to see. Just take a drive down the interstate and soak in all the reds, oranges, and yellows in the trees. It’s sure to improve your mood if you’re having a bad day.
  2. Outdoor weddings – Personally, I love taking advantage of nature when it’s sitting there just asking to be utilized! Some people want nothing more than having their wedding in a beautiful cathedral with stained glass windows and pews. But I just love being able to sit outside and be covered in sunlight without being covered in sweat.
  3. Early evenings – I don’t know about you, but when I picture my grand exit from my wedding, I always picture it at night with sparkers and fireworks. (OK, maybe fireworks are a little grand, but it’s my dream isn’t it?!) In the spring and summer, dusk doesn’t make an appearance until 7 or sometimes 8:00. I know some people like to dance the night away, and more power to ya! But many brides and grooms are so wiped out by then it takes everything they have to un-numb those cheeks and put those heels back on to make their exit for the evening. In the fall, sunset comes much earlier. So if you’ve always pictured a night get-away like I have, you don’t have to wait until 9 or 10:00 to make your escape unless you just want to! Not to mention the fact that out-of-town guests and get home before midnight.

And now for the fun part… Pictures! Here’s a lovely photo from The Knot of beautiful fall reception decor.

Or how about this awesome, unconventional cake?!

Much love,


Meet Laura!

Hello all!

I’m so excited to introduce myself as the newest member of the team at Joshua McCoy Photography! I have known Josh for almost three years, during which time we have worked several weddings together with me on the designing side and him on the photography side. I love everything about weddings – the stress of setting up decorations for the reception, or helping a bride get ready before the ceremony, and even running to get bug spray for a bridal party! But most of all I love seeing a bride and groom enjoying their time and being able to have fun instead of worrying about flowers or a missing DJ or lights that just won’t work!

I am also the doting mother of a 6.5 month old Blue Heeler mutt. He’s hyper, snuggly, and a total goof, and I wouldn’t change a single thing about him! Meet Oliver!


I am also the Head Coach of the Western Kentucky University Topperettes. While attending WKU, I was a member of the team for 4 years. I gained some of the best friends a girl could ask for while dancing for the Hilltoppers, and now I have the opportunity to coach a great group of girls. Not to mention I get to go to all the home games and some away games! And who doesn’t love Big Red?! He’s definitely the best mascot EVER!


You’ll have to excuse the quality of these photos… They definitely weren’t taken by Mr. Joshua McCoy! Special thanks to my handy dandy iPhone! 🙂

I hope you enjoy the upcoming blogs! I could talk for DAYS about weddings! At least a wedding blog is a valid excuse to talk about them, right?

Much love,


Hello world!

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